What is discipline?

The meaning of this word can be difficult to understand, specially when you are in a classroom, in front of fifty teenagers and you are the teacher.

From my point of view, discipline is related with your skills and experience as a teacher, I think that it should be implicit when you get your students attention, when you engage them in your class. It sounds great, but the reality is that you always have students who have all kinds of thoughts, behaviors even with many external problems, and I think the ability to deal with situations and disruptive students must be part of your training as a teacher.

All teachers sometime have had some problem with one student in the middle of the class. That is a terrible situation, what should you do?. If you don´t say anything it could be an example for the rest of the class to be rude with you. If you scream maybe the hole class could see you as an ogre and the relationship between you and the enviroment in the classroom could deteriorate.

As I say before, as a teacher you have to be ready to deal with all kind of situations and students in your classroom, remember, to get into a backtalk you need two people. We have to realize that time goes by, new generations are not the same of our generation, the way to teach should not be the same of twenty years ago and the concept of teacher-student relationship is different now.

I think discipline has to be an agreement between you and your students, an agreement of mutual respect, which involves a strong commitment of you as a teacher to find appropriate tools for your students to learn in the best way, to respect and motivate them to learn, and a commitment of them to take advantage of their opportunities.


Identifying and selecting aims.

When you teach one of the most important things you have to do is a good planning of lessons.Most of schools ask you to deliver a lesson plan for the whole course at the beginning of classes and it is really important and useful for you. You make a lesson plan to make clear what are your objectives and aims, that is to say, what are your expectations and what you want learners to learn or to do better at the end of the lesson.

As a teacher you must know your group, their weaknesses and strengths, you will have the choice to choose what kind of classes they need to improve their skills. At this point you have to be able to locate priorities  and main, subsidiary and personal aims in your classes.

Main aims describe the most important thing we want our learners to achieve, we could say that it is the “heavy part” of the lesson. Subsidiary aims describe the language or skills learners must be able to use well to achieve the main aim of the lesson. As you might expect to achieve our aims we need a procedure to develop each stage of the lesson, this depends of our learners needs and interests. Finally, personal aims are related with what we expect to improve or focus on our teaching and to do better every time our class plannings.


Learning styles and multiple intelligences.

Hi everybody. I want to share with you the results of my tests about my learning styles and my multiple intelligences. I have to say that I am a little bit surprised about my learning styles, because I think I am not really good working with my body so I think I am  not as kinesthesic, which you can check in the results of my multiple intelligences. I have always learnt better by taking notes, listening and writing down and reading a lot. That is the reason because sometimes it is difficult for me to work in groups, because I have a really strange way to learn, I think it is related with the way I was taught to learn, and that is why speaking is the most difficult skill to develop for me.

These kind of tests have to help us to realize that all of our students learn in a different way and to understand that our style of learning is not the only one which could be reflected when we design our classes.


Venn Diagram.

venn diagram 2

This is the Venn diagram about the class in my last post.


this is the class I watched and the points in common with my class.


This is an example of some aspects we can evaluate in written compositions.

rubric for writing

Graphic organizers

hello everybody I found this circular graphic organizer, I think it could be useful to teach the parts of speech. We could put the title in the middle, and then we could use every window for every part of speech in the last spaces they would be the examples.


what about this? I think it is great to comment a reading specially in basic levels:

Finally, I would use this kind of graphic organizers to teach affixation, the base word would be in the middle and in the other circles prefixes and suffixes to create new words from the base word:



hi everybody, this is my idea to learn vocabulary in a different way. I hope it can be useful for you.http://puzzlemaker.discoveryeducation.com/code/BuildCrissCross.asp

I will take a printed version for you the next Saturday. Best wishes.

this is a good web page….



Some people says that the main problem when you are learning another language is grammar, even there are some differences about the meaning of the word, linguists for example, say the grammar is the knowledge that every speaker has about their own language and not only the rules to write and speak correctly, so I think that is really important to know about grammar of your first language and of course it is equally important if you are learning a second language, specially when you are the teacher.

As all the humans in general, students use to reject things that they don´t enjoy or they consider bored, unfortunately in many cases grammar is part of those things, in this sense, it results important for teachers to know about new tools and strategies to make the grammar attractive and funny for students, which can´t succesfully learn a language without knowing somenthing about grammar.

In Mexico, it is really difficult to apply new materials and strategies because there are not sufficient technology and resources in most of the public schools, so it is also difficult (but not impossible) for english teachers to make their classes differents and innovatives for students. Internet has become in such a great tool for students and teachers so I think that we can get many activities and strategies from there, it´s is true that it is more comfortable to teach in just one way all our life, but we have to think that this time we are living in is not the same as twenty years ago and the students neither.

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